Momma B & Batty Coda

Additional Information

 February 2003 - I was a new wildlife rehabber, just  getting my permit in 2002. I was eager to save them all! I got a call  from another rehabilitator in my area that was dealing with some health  issues and wanted to know if I was able to help her by taking the two  BATS that she had. OF COURSE! I was willing to take on ANYTHING! So I  drive to her house and she welcomes me in while telling me that these  two bats were found hibernating in someone's basement and they were  cleaning and found them sleeping. She goes to her refrigerator and pulls  out a tupperware container, places it on the table, removes the lid and  inside the container were TWO BATS! ALIVE!!! O.o That's right... she  had them in her FRIDGE!!! I was a little taken back and confused and  wondered if she was a little insane but who am *I* to question... I was  new to this!!! She said she was having a hard time keeping them hydrated  and that you are SUPPOSE to keep bats in the fridge in the winter time  because it makes them hibernate like they are suppose to. Hmmmmm...  OK... So I take the tupperware and the mealworms she gave me and headed  home after her instructions which were not settling well with me. So I  got on the phone and started calling some other mentors and other  rehabbers around the State asking their advice. Sad part is... NO ONE  KNEW A THING ABOUT BATS!!! Big birds, small birds, raccoons, squirrels,  DEER! But not bats. So I hopped on the computer and started asking  anyone and everyone what to do with these bats! Well Thank God I found  Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary and Barbara French of Bat Conservation International.  They were my saving grace and my guiding angels. Barbara sent me the  "Bat Bible" that her and Amanda had co-wrote together and I quickly  enrolled in "Bat Bootcamp" with Amanda Lollar down in Mineral Wells, TX.  I was on the phone with them constantly with questions. I adore them  both for helping me get my start. Thanks to them, Momma B and Batty Coda  spent the winter AWAKE (NOT in a refrigerator, that is OLD thinking,  newer refrigerators dehydrate things!!!) and that ate a healthy portion  of blended formulas, mealworms, waxworms, etc and were happily released  in the spring. They were my first interactions with bats and after  finding that Maine really had a need for someone interested in these  little guys, I happily took them on as my specialty thank to Amanda and  Barbara.

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