Memorable Rescues


Read this  horrific story about the terrible abuse to precious bat. Help educate  others so this never has to happen to another animal.


 Mistakes made but not for nothing. We all learn and grow from out "mistakes". 

Momma B & Batty Coda

 The beginning of my bat rehab career. The two that got me started. 

Abbott, Costello & Napoleon

 Ignorance kills. These three had their lives taken before they even got a  chance to start. All because of ignorant people doing all the wrong  things and then panicking out of irrational fear. 


 One that just could not be put down. Learn about the amazing life of Jasper, the paralyzed squirrel. 


 Some lives are just to precious to end. The life, growth and study of a young raccoon with cerebellar hypoplasia.


 An amazing late night rescue of a raven that was hanging upside down in a  tree with it's leg stuck to the nest by a rope that was used in the  nesting material. Read the wild rally of help and rescue! 

Stay Tuned!

Stay Tuned!

Stay Tuned!

Stay Tuned!

Stay Tuned!