First Time - March 4th, 2019


Percy first came to Misfits Rehab after he was captured because the wonderful people noticed he had frostbite to his ears, toes and tail.



Sadly the damage to the tail was progressing and needed surgery to amputate

Not Happy


He was not happy about being captive and being handled but he had to stay with us until the weather warmed up.

6 weeks post release - May 22nd


Percy was released and 6 weeks later the original rescuers found him looking odd and brought him back in to find out he had mange.

2 weeks after second release


Poor Percy was the victim of animal cruelty when a man stomped on him and cut his tail off as a "trophy".



Little Percy had to have one more vertebrae removed in order to close the wound properly.



Luckily the surgery was a success and closed the wound properly

Permanent Guest


Without a tail, an opossum is not going to survive well in the wild so Percy is now stuck with us for the rest of his life. So time for a new enclosure just for him.

Moving in


Time to check out the new setup

King Of His Castle


He definitely seemed to come around and start enjoying the new enclosure.

Loving Life


It only took a few months for him to realize we did not mean him any harm and that we mean food. So he often greets us for his nightly meal when he hears us.

Until the end


Not sure how long we will have him since they only live approx 4 years maximum and we know he was approx 2 1/2 years old when he came in. But we will show him love and respect until the day he leaves this earth.


Yesterday Percy needed a nail trim


While holding him to trim just a few long nails he seemed to stress more than normal including stressed breathing. 

Today we knew it wasn't the stress of nail clipping


He had not touched his cheese stick which was his favorite thing in the world. Kathi was on duty tending to the animals when Percy was able to be touched without running away and stood on top of his favorite shoe bed and was gasping for air with labored breathing. So off to the vet! 

Not what we wanted to hear


As we suspected Percy was in congestive heart failure. As severe as his condition was we decided that it was time to let him go. Before the vet even had a chance, in true Percy fashion, he took his own last breath without any assistance, he did it his way, in his own time, by his own will. He brought communities together and taught people across the nation about opossums. He will be greatly missed.